About Us


Uzer Sentez Kimya is to present our products and services in accordance with international quality standards, in compliance with technological developments and by fulfilling all legal requirements. Our mission, which consists of our customer-oriented cooperation based on the principles of expertise, creativity, teamwork, continuous research, and development, and safety, is to create a better value and contribution to our customers and society by meeting their needs and expectations with an environmentally friendly approach that is sensitive to human health. While providing services with laboratories where chemical analysis can be performed, equipment and technical staff, our R&D department continues to carry out studies that deserve our motto, 'the chemical guide of global procurement and solutions', in line with the needs of the target market.


What is the target

We are aware that our success is the fast and solution-oriented approaches we offer to our partners. This awareness forms the basis of the added value our company creates in an innovative sense. Uzer Sentez Kimya; It has a perspective that makes progress beyond its goals in its short, medium and long term plans and makes sustainability a principle.


How are we doing

Merkezinde insan, çevre ve etik değerler olan Uzer Sentez Kimya, bu değerlerin endüstriyelleşmenin önünde bir engel olmadığına inanan ve şirket politikalarını bu felsefe üzerine inşa eden bir şirkettir.